Truck Engine News – Troubleshooting the Wastegate Canister

Engine: Truck with Mechanical Unit Injection

  • 3116
Engine: Truck

  • 3406B
  • 3406C

  • 3114 Truck Engines
  • 3116 Truck Engines
  • 3126 Truck Engine
  • 3126E Truck Engines
  • 3208 Truck Engines
  • C7 On-Highway
  • C9 On-Highway
  • With ACERT Technology
Truck Engines:

  • 3406E
  • C-10
  • C-12
  • C-15
  • C-16


Required Tooling

Use the 215-2592 Wastegate tool kit .

Procedure for Troubleshooting the Wastegate Canister

Note: This procedure can be completed while the turbocharger is installed on the engine or while the turbocharger is not installed on the engine.


  1. Remove the silicone hose that is connected to the wastegate canister and install the test kit. Refer to Illustration 1.

(1) Wastegate actuator

(2) Test hose

  1. Use the regulator to increase and decrease the air pressure. Do not exceed 138 kPa (20 psi). As the air pressure to the canister increases, the actuator rod will move. The movement of the rod causes the opening of the wastegate and the closing of the wastegate. While the actuator rod is moving, inspect the rod for damage or for bending.


  1. If the actuator rod does not move, then the wastegate canister is faulty and the turbocharger needs to be replaced.


  1. If the actuator rod moves, then the canister is operational.


  1. Disconnect the test kit and install the silicone hose to the wastegate canister.

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