New 8T2998 Lubricant Available

All Engines With Slipper Follower Type Camshafts

8T2998 Lubricant is available for use when assembling engines with slipper follower type camshafts. The 8T2998 Lubricant is used during factory assembly of engines because it adheres to the camshaft and followers during storage and break-in. It increases the load carrying capacity of the engine oil during the critical initial engine operation to prevent scuffing and galling between moving parts.

Application Instructions

1. Always shake the can of 8T2998 Lubricant well before using. The lubricant contains additives which “settle out” and separate from the base oil during storage.

2. Apply lubricant liberally all around the camshaft lobes, follower bores in the block, and contact surfaces and sides of the liters.

3. Use lubricant on all slipper follower type camshafts and followers anytime the camshaft or followers are removed for any reason.

NOTE: For slipper follower type camshafts, always use new or remanufactured slipper followers whenever a new or remanufactured camshaft is installed. For used camshafts always reinstall each used slipper follower in its original position against the same cam lobe, or install a new or remanufactured slipper follower. For best results never install used slipper followers with a new or remanufactured camshaft.

The 8T2998 Lubricant is packaged in a 237 mL (8 oz-liq) resealable container. The container has an applicator brush mounted in the cap.

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