Check Crankshaft Seals During Installation Of Engine Overhaul Gasket Kits; Add A Wear Sleeve When Needed

3304, 3306 Engines In All Applications

Some basic overhaul gasket kits have a crankshaft rear seal for use with a wear sleeve, but the wear sleeve is not part of the kit. One example is the 9S3366 Basic Overhaul Gasket Kit, which has a 9S3111 Seal but does not have the 2P3858 Wear Sleeve. The wear sleeve was not made a part of the gasket kit because replacement of the sleeve is not necessary on every engine where the gasket kit is used.

This principle has caused some problems for servicemen, and will be changed as new gasket kits are released. The former overhaul kits will be canceled, and separate kits used for different areas of the engine. The new kits for the engine “rear structure”, which have the crankshaft rear seal, will also have the wear sleeve.

Until the new gasket kits are available, be sure to check the crankshaft seals during installation of engine overhaul gasket kits, and use a wear sleeve when needed on a specific engine. The chart that follows shows the different crankshaft seals used on 3304 and 3306 Engines, the seal type, and which seals are used with a wear sleeve. Special Instruction, Form SMHS7100, is available with information to install seals and wear sleeves.

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