A New Type of Main Bearing is Available

Generator Set:

  • All 3304
  • All 3306
Industrial Engine:

  • 3304 Diesel
  • 3306 Diesel
Marine Engine:

  • 3304
  • 3306

Engine News SEBD9345, March 2005, “A New Type of Main Bearing is Available”. Disregard this article. See the article that follows.

The 4W-5738 Main Bearing is cancelled for all 3300 engines. The replacement bearing for 4W-5738 Main Bearing is 232-3233 Main Bearing. Do not use the 4W-5738 Main Bearing. Use the 232-3233 Main Bearing. This is available for all 3300 engines.

The material for the main bearing has changed. The old main bearing was a copper bonded aluminum alloy with a lead tin overlay and a steel back. The new 232-3233 Main Bearing has an aluminum alloy and a steel back.

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