3304 & 3306 – Fuel System


1. Constant bleed valve. 2. Disc. 3. Siphon break orifice. 4. Priming pump. 5. Fuel injection pump. 6. Fuel injection valve. 7. Bleed valve. 8. Fuel return line. 9. Fuel supply line [optional water separator (W.S.) installation is shown by dash lines]. 10. Fuel tank. 11. Fuel filter. 12. Channel. 13. Check valve. 14. Check valve. 15. Housing for the fuel injection pumps. 16. Check valve. 17. Bypass valve. 18. Transfer pump.

The Sleeve Metering Fuel System is a pressure type fuel system. The name for the system is from the method used to control the amount of fuel in the fuel injection charge. This system has an injection pump and an injection valve for each cylinder. The injection pumps are in the fuel injection pump housing on the right side of the engine. The injection valves are in the precombustion chambers in the cylinder head.

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