3208 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE – Check Valve And Bypass Valve

Remove Check Valve And Bypass Valve


Before any service work is done on the fuel system, the outer surface of the injection pump housing must be clean.

NOTE: Illustrations show fuel injection pump housing and governor removed from engine. Service work can be done with it installed on engine.

1. Remove three bleed lines (2).

2. Remove bolts (1), flange (3) and the gasket.

3. Remove flange assembly (4) and gasket (5).

4. Remove check valve (6) from the flange assembly.

5. Remove bolts (7) and cover (8).

6. Remove spring (9) and bypass valve (10).

Install Check Valve And Bypass Valve

1. Put bypass valve (2) and spring (1) in position.

2. Put gasket (4) in position.

3. Install cover (3) and the bolts.

4. Install check valve (5) in the flange.

5. Put the gasket and flange assembly (8) in position.

6. Put gasket (7) and flange (6) in position and install the bolts.

7. Install bleed lines (9).