3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Problem Too Much Vibration

Probable Cause(s):

* Vibration Damper Loose
* Vibration Damper Has A Defect
* Engine Supports Are Loose, Incorrect Or Have A Defect
* Driven Equipment Is Not In Alignment Or Is Out Of Balance
* Misfiring Or Running Rough

1. Vibration damper loose:

Check vibration damper for damage. Tighten bolts. If vibration damper bolt holes have damage or wear, replace with new parts.
2. Vibration damper has a defect:

Install a new vibration damper.
3. Engine supports are loose, incorrect or have a defect:

Tighten all mounting bolts. Install new components if necessary.
4. Driven equipment is not in alignment or is out of balance:

Check alignment and balance, correct if needed.
5. Misfiring or running rough:

Refer to Problem 4: Engine Misfiring Or Running Rough.

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