EL-740 Air Compressor Cylinder Head Disassembly

1. Place the cylinder head in a soft-jawed vise, bottom side up.

(1) Bushing.
(2) Inlet valve guard and pin assembly.
(3) Inlet valve.
(4) Unloader pin.
(5) Disc.
(6) Cylinder head.
(7) Washer.
(8) Exhaust valve.
(9) Exhaust valve seat.
(10) Retainer.
(11) Spring.
(12) Diaphragm.
(13) Expander spring.
(14) Cap screw.
(15) Unloader body.
(16) Exhaust valve cage.
(17) Exhaust valve spring.
(18) Bolt.

2. Loosen the exhaust valve seats (9).

3. Unscrew and remove the exhaust valve seats (9), exhaust valve springs (17), washers (7), and exhaust valve cages (16).

4. Discard the exhaust valve springs, exhaust valves, and washers.

5. With a screwdriver carefully pry the inlet valve guards and pin assemblies (2) and inlet valves (3) from their cavities. Discard the inlet valves.

6. If the inlet valve guard is damaged during removal, replace with a new part.

NOTE: The inlet valve guards are prick punched to keep them in place during assembly. They are removed easily from their cavities.

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