EL-740 Air Compressor Assembly Of Pistons And Connecting Rods

1. Lubricate the piston pin, piston pin bores and piston pin diameters in the connecting rod with engine oil.

2. Position the connecting rod in the piston and press the piston pin into place.

3. Install thrust buttons into the piston pin ends.

4. Install compression rings in the two top grooves of the piston.

NOTE: Some pistons will require two compression rings; one in each of the two top grooves. Other pistons will require three compression rings; one in the top groove and two in the second or middle groove. Compression rings must be installed with surface marked “Top” facing top of the piston. Some compression rings may have dots indicating the top of the ring.

5. Install the expander ring and two oil rails in the bottom groove of the piston.

6. Press the connecting rod bearing inserts into the connecting rod and bearing cap. Ensure the locating lips on the bearing inserts engage the locking notches in the connecting rod and bearing cap. Ensure each connecting rod cap is installed on the connecting rod from which it was removed.

7. Lubricate with engine oil the connecting rod bearings.

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