EL-740 Air Compressor Assembly Of Piston And Connecting Rod To Crankshaft

1. Place the crankcase and crankshaft assembly on its side.

2. Remove the bearing cap and insert the assembly from the piston and connecting rod assembly.

3. Lubricate with engine oil the bearing inserts on the connecting rods and connecting rod caps, and the connecting rod journals on the crankshaft.

4. Ensure the bearing inserts are in proper position on their respective connecting rod; assemble the connecting rod and piston assembly to the crankshaft through the top of the crankcase.

5. Install the connecting rod bearing cap and insert to connecting rod. Refer to the “Notice” under Paragraph 2.

6. Install the connecting rod nuts and tighten to a torque of 11 to 16 N·m (100 to 140 lb in).

7. Assemble the second piston and connecting rod assembly using the same procedure.

8. Ensure that each connecting rod assembly moves freely on the crankshaft.

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