Accessory Drive Shaft Timing (D330C and D333C)

8S5417 Timing Fixture Plate,8S5132 Puller Plate,8S8375 Sleeve,8S5133 Expansion Plug,8S6470 Pressure Screw,8B7561 Step Plate.
1. Remove the fuel injection pump housing and position the engine crankshaft so No.1 piston is on the compression stroke at top center (TC).


2. Install the 8S5417 Timing Fixture Plate on the rear face of the accessory drive housing, dowels aligned and bolts installed as illustrated.

NOTE: If the timing fixture plate can be installed, timing is correct. If it cannot be installed, proceed as follows:

3. Remove the small cover from the front of the timing gear housing. Remove the gear retaining nut and washer.

Tools Needed: 8S5132 Puller Plate, 8S8375 Sleeve, 8S5133 Expansion Plug, 8S6470 Pressure Screw, 8B7561 Step Plate, two 3/8″ NF Bolts 31/2″ (88.9 mm) long, two 3/8″ flat washers.

4. Separate the gear from the accessory drive shaft.

5. Rotate the accessory drive shaft in the direction necessary to install the 8S5417 Timing Fixture Plate.


6. Install the conical washer, with the large diameter against the timing gear, and install the gear retaining nut. Tighten the gear retaining nut to 100 ± 10 lb. ft. (13.8 ± 1.4 mkg) and remove the timing plate. The fuel injection pump camshaft will be in time with the engine crankshaft when the injection pump housing is installed on the engine.

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