C3.3B Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3A Engines for Caterpillar Built Machines – Piston Ring Groove – Inspect


This procedure is intended to give information on inspecting piston ring grove. Refer to the Specifications Manual for specifications for this procedure.

Required Tools

Table 1
Required Tools    
Part Number     Part Name     Qty    
8H-8581     Feeler Gauge     1    

Inspection Procedure

Inspect the Piston and the Piston Rings

  1. Check the piston for wear and other damage.

  1. Check that the piston rings are free to move in the grooves and that the rings are not broken.

Inspect the Clearance of the Piston Ring

  1. Remove the piston rings and clean the grooves and the piston rings.

    Illustration 1g01284934

    (1) Feeler gauge

    (2) Piston ring

    (3) Piston grooves

  1. Fit new piston rings (2) in the piston grooves (3) .

  1. Check the clearance for the piston ring by placing the 8H-8581 Feeler Gauge (1) between piston groove (3) and the top of piston ring (2) . Refer to Specifications, "Piston and Rings" for the dimensions.

    Note: Some pistons have a tapered top groove and the piston ring is wedged. The clearance for the top piston ring cannot be checked by the above method when this occurs.

Inspect the Piston Ring End Gap

    Illustration 2g01358235

    (1) Piston ring

    (2) Cylinder ring ridge

    (3) Feeler gauge

  1. Clean all carbon from the top of the cylinder bores.

  1. Place each piston ring (1) in the cylinder bore just below the cylinder ring ridge (2) .

  1. Use the 8H-8581 Feeler Gauge (3) to measure piston ring end gap. Refer to Specifications, "Piston and Rings" for the dimensions.

    Note: The coil spring must be removed from the oil control ring before the gap of the oil control ring is measured.

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