C3.3B Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3A Engines for Caterpillar Built Machines – Inlet and Exhaust Valve Guides – Remove and Install – C3.3B

Removal Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool     Part Number     Part Description     Qty    
A     390-1136     Valve Guide Driver Kit     1    
B     385-8470     Valve Guide Reamer     1    

Start By:

  1. Remove inlet valves and the exhaust valves.

Note: Refer to Specification UENR0995 "Engine Design" for non-specified engine Torque Values.


Removal and installation of the valve guide and valve seat must be carried out by personnel with the correct training. Also special machinery is required. For more information, refer to your authorized Caterpillar dealer.

    Illustration 1g02786036

    Illustration 2g02786037

  1. Remove inlet and exhaust valve seals (1) . Use Tooling (A) in order to remove valve guides (2) from cylinder head (3) .

  1. Repeat the Step 1 for the remaining inlet and exhaust valve guides.

Installation Procedure

    Note: Ensure that the cylinder head is clean and free from machining debris. Clean the parent bores in the cylinder head and lubricate the new valve guides.

  1. Install inlet and exhaust valve guides (2) in the reverse order of removal.

    1. Use Tooling (A) to install inlet and exhaust valve guides (2) .

Table 2
Clearance between Valve Stem and Guide    
Valve Stem and Guide
(intake and exhaust)    
New     0.055 to 0.085 mm (0.0022 to 0.0033 in.)    
Allowable 0.055 to 0.10 mm
(0.002 to 0.004 in.)    
Valve Guide Replacement    
Valve Guide I.D.
(intake and exhaust)    
New     7.030 to 7.045 mm (0.2768 to 0.2773 in.)    

    Illustration 3g02798988

  1. Use Tooling (B) to resize the new inlet and exhaust valve guides.

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