C3.3B Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3A Engines for Caterpillar Built Machines – Crankshaft and Main Bearings – Remove

Removal Procedure

Start By:

  1. Remove the oil pan.
  2. Remove the flywheel housing.
  3. Remove the front housing.

    Illustration 1g02802423

  1. Remove bolts (3) and connecting rod caps (2) from crankshaft (1) .

    Illustration 2g02802425

  1. Remove bolts (4) .

  1. Remove eight main bolts (5) from crankshaft (1) . Flip the cylinder block over and remove two main bolts (5) .

    Illustration 3g02802426

    Illustration 4g02802428

  1. Use a suitable lifting device and remove upper cylinder block (7) from lower cylinder block (6) .

  1. Remove upper main bearings (8) from crankshaft (1) , if necessary.

    Illustration 5g02802431

    Illustration 6g02802433

  1. Remove two upper half thrust bearing (9) and two lower half thrust bearing (10) from the crankshaft (1) .

    Illustration 7g02802435

  1. Use a suitable lifting device and remove crankshaft (1) . The weight of crankshaft (1) is approximately 25 kg (55 lb)

    Illustration 8g02802437

  1. Remove lower halves of main bearing (11) from lower half of cylinder block (6) .

    Note: Check the condition of the crankshaft main bearings. Refer to the Guideline For Reusable Parts, SEBF8009, "Main and Connecting Rod Bearings" or refer to the Guideline For Reusable Parts, SEBV0544, "Engine Bearings and Crankshafts".

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