C3.3B Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3A Engines for Caterpillar Built Machines – Connecting Rod

Illustration 1g03002302

(1) Connecting Rod Bolts

Note: Apply engine oil to the connecting rod bolts and lightly screw the bolts in by hand, then tighten the bolts to the specified torque.

Table 1
Tightening torque     Connecting rod bolts     C2.6 - 45 to 49 N·m (33 to 36 lb ft)
C3.3B - 69 to 73 N·m (51 to 54 lb ft)    

Connecting Rod Alignment

Note: Since the inside diameter of the connecting rod small end bushing is the basis of this check, check the bushing for wear beforehand.

Table 2
Identification Color     Connecting rod     Crankpin bearing    
Large-end inside diameter Center wall thickness    
Blue     C2.6 - 50.01 to 50.020 mm (1.96889 to 1.96929 inch)
C3.3B - 53.010 to 53.020 mm (2.0870 to 2.0874 inch)    
1.496 to 1.501 mm (0.05890 to 0.05909 inch)    
Without color     C2.6 - 50.000 to 50.010 mm (1.96850 to 1.96889 inch)
C3.3B - 53.000 to 53.010 mm (2.0867 to 2.0870 inch)    
1.491 to 1.496 mm (0.05870 to 0.05889 inch)    

    Illustration 2g03002416

  1. Remove the piston pin from the piston.

  1. Install the piston pin in the connecting rod.

  1. Install the connecting rod on the connecting rod alignment tool.

  1. Put a gauge over the piston pin, and move it against the face plate.

  1. If the gauge does not fit squarely against the face plate, measure the space between the pin of the gauge and the face plate.

    Table 3
    Connecting rod alignment     Allowable limit     0.05 mm (0.002 inch)    

  1. If the measurement exceeds the allowable limit, replace the connecting rod.

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