C3.3B – General Information – Tier 4

Illustration 1g02923297

Right side view of engine

(1) Fuel injection pump

(2) Coolant temperature sensor

(3) Throttle lever

(4) Oil fill

(5) Intake manifold

(6) Alternator

(7) Engine oil cooler

(8) Engine oil filter

(9) Oil pressure switch

(10) Starting motor

Illustration 2g02923317

Left side view of engine

(11) Turbocharger

(12) Exhaust manifold

(13) Turbocharger oil supply line

Illustration 3g02923276

Top view of engine

(14) EGR cooler

(15) Thermo valve

(16) Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve

These engines are vertical type four-cycle diesel engines that utilize advanced features. These engines are equipped with an (Center Direct Injection System) E-CDIS combustion system, which along with the combustion chamber, have been redesigned in order to achieve lower emissions levels. The NOx is reduced with a compactly designed cooled exhaust gas recirculation system.

These engines have also been designed to reduce transmitted vibrations and radiated sound, resulting in lower noise levels.

Illustration 4g02996296

Refer to 4 for the performance characteristics of this engine.

Engine Identification

Illustration 5g02924039

Right side of engine

Location of the serial number plate

The engine serial number is an identified number for the engine. This number appears after the engine model number and identifies the month and year of manufacture as below.

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