C3.3B – Fuel System – Inspect

A problem with the components that send fuel to the engine can cause low fuel pressure. This low fuel pressure can decrease engine performance.

  1. Check the fuel level in the fuel tank. Ensure that the vent in the fuel cap is not filled with dirt.

  1. Check all fuel lines for fuel leakage. The fuel lines must be free from restrictions and faulty bends. Verify that the fuel return line is not collapsed.

  1. Inspect the fuel filter for excess contamination. If necessary, install a new fuel filter. Determine the source of the contamination. Make the necessary repairs.

  1. Service the primary fuel filter. The fuel filter has a clear bowl, air in the fuel system can be identified in the fuel system by looking in the bowl. If air is present in the fuel system, refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Fuel System Priming Pump - Operate".

    If air is still present after priming, refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Air in Fuel - Test".

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