C3.3B – Fuel Injection Timing – Check

    Illustration 1g02920698

  1. Ensure that the injection timing aligns with mark of the injection pump unit and the flywheel housing align. Refer to Illustration 1.

  1. Remove the injector lines.

  1. Remove the stop solenoid.

    Illustration 2g02897543

    View of filled delivery valve passage

  1. Turn the flywheel in the counterclockwise direction. Fuel must fill up to the hole of the delivery valve holder for the No. 1 cylinder.

  1. After fuel fills the hole of the delivery valve holder for the No. 1 cylinder, rotate the flywheel in the clockwise direction 90 degrees.

  1. Rotate the flywheel in the counterclockwise direction to 10 degrees before top center.

  1. Continue to rotate the flywheel slowly in the counterclockwise direction. Stop rotating the flywheel when fuel begins to come up in order to get injection timing.

    Illustration 3g03332004

    Location of timing window

    Illustration 4g02918462

    View of correctly aligned top center mark

  1. Check the degree mark on the flywheel. The flywheel has an identification mark for the crank angle before the top center of the No. 1 piston.

  1. Rotate the injection pump to adjust the injection timing, if the injection timing is not within specification.

    Injection pump timing ... .00960 rad before TDC to .0235 rad after TDC

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