259D Skid Steer Loaders Machine Systems – Ride Control System – If Equipped

Illustration 1g02880897

Ride control component location

(1) Ride control valve

(2) Ride control accumulator precharge valve

(3) Accumulator (ride control)

(4) Lift Cylinder head end solenoid valve

(5) Lift Cylinder rod end solenoid valve

Ride control valve (1) is located on the left frame rail. The control valve contains the accumulator precharge solenoid valve (2), accumulator (3), lift cylinder head end solenoid valve (4) and and the lift cylinder rod end solenoid valve (5).

Illustration 2g02880796

Ride control system in the ON position

(1) Ride control valve

(2) Ride control accumulator precharge valve

(3) Charge pump

(4) Ride control accumulator

(5) Ride control relay

(6) Machine ECM

(7) Ride control switch

(8) Work tool lift valve

(9) Lift cylinders

The Ride Control System is controlled by machine ECM (6). The machine ECM receives a signal from the ride control switch to operate the ride control system. The ECM sends a signal to ride control relay (5), which energizes the ride control solenoids. The ride control system activates at approximately 8 km/h (5 mph) and deactivates at approximately 6 km/h (3.7 mph) which are the default activations speeds.

The activation speed can be modified through Cat ET or through the optional Advanced Display to better suit a specific application

The deactivation speed will be based upon the activation speed and will always be a certain percentage lower than the activation speed. This percentage is established to prevent the two speeds from being set too close together. Speeds too close together would result in a constant OFF/ON cycle of the ride control system.

Illustration 2 shows the ride control system hydraulic schematic in the ON position. The lift control valve is in the HOLD position. While in this position the oil is blocked at both the rod and head ends of lift cylinders (9) .

When ride control switch (7) is activated, a signal is sent to machine ECM (6). When the ground speed activation threshold is reached, the ECM sends a corresponding signal to ride control relay (5). The ride control relay energizes the lift cylinder head solenoid, rod end control solenoid and and the precharge solenoid. The oil from the head end of the lift cylinders flows through the front ride control solenoid. This flow connects the head end of the lift cylinders to ride control accumulator (4). Oil from the rod end of the lift cylinders is open to the tank through the rear ride control solenoid.

Accumulator precharge solenoid (2) isolates the accumulator from charge pump (3) oil.

With the ride control system in the OFF position, the ride control solenoids are de-energized. Oil from the rod end of the lift cylinders is blocked from flowing to the tank through the right ride control solenoid. Charge oil flows through the precharge valve to charge the ride control accumulator.

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