259D Skid Steer Loaders Machine Systems – Machine Preparation

------ WARNING! ------

Sudden movement of the machine or release of oil under pressure can cause injury to persons on or near the machine.

To prevent possible injury, perform the procedure that follows before testing and adjusting the hydraulic system.


  1. Move the machine to a smooth horizontal location. Move the machine away from other machines and personnel. Lower the bucket to the ground. Stop the engine.

  1. Permit only one operator on the machine.

  1. Block the front tracks and the rear tracks of the machine.

  1. Place a barrier around the machine in order to keep personnel away from rotating machinery.

  1. Release the system pressure before attempting any adjustment. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Hydraulic System Pressure - Release" for the proper procedure.

When any test is performed on the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil must be at an operating temperature of 50° ± 10°C (122° ± 18°F). This temperature range is specified for standard factory fill oil only. Use the Electronic Technician Software in order to monitor this temperature. Or refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Hydraulic Oil Temperature Test" for an alternate procedure.

Visual checks and measurements are the first steps during troubleshooting. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Visual Inspection". Next, perform the operational checks. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Operational Checks". Finally, perform the required tests and adjustments on the machine.

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