259D Skid Steer Loaders Machine Systems – Hydraulic Oil Temperature – Check


Table 1
Ride Control Specifications    
Description     Specification     Actual    
Hydraulic oil temperature    
50° ± 10°C (122° ± 18°F)    


The hydraulic oil temperature test is used to determine actual hydraulic oil temperature.

Required Tools

Illustration 1g02146997

Table 2
Tool     Item     Part No     Description     Qty    
F     -     164-3310     Infrared Thermometer     1    

Test Preparation

ReferenceFor additional information about preparing the machine for troubleshooting the machine, refer to the Service Manual module Troubleshooting, "Machine Preparation for Troubleshooting" for the machine that is being serviced.

Test Procedure

Illustration 2g03410577

  1. Start the engine.

  1. Operate the hydraulic cylinders for five cycles.

  1. Move the machine in the forward and reverse direction.

  1. Move the work tool through a full range of motion.

  1. Remove the cap from the hydraulic oil tank.

  1. Measure the temperature using the infrared thermometer. Measure the temperature of the oil inside the tank.

  1. Reinstall cap onto tank.

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