259D Compact Track Loader – MID 039 – CID 3700 – FMI 13

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

This diagnostic code is associated with the Loader Bucket Inclinometer sensor. The position sensor provides a PWM input signal to the Machine ECM. The FMI 13 diagnostic code is activated when the ECM detects that the sensor needs to be calibrated.

The possible causes of this diagnostic code are listed:

  • The ECM has been replaced or new software has been installed.

  • The calibration procedure has failed.

Note: The sensor does not connect directly to the frame ground. The sensor connects to the return circuit of the ECM. The ECM internally connects the return wire to frame ground. In order to correct this diagnostic code, calibrate the sensor.


  1. Perform the calibration procedure for the sensor. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Calibration" section of this manual for the correct calibration procedure. Verify that the calibration procedure for the ECM has been successfully completed. The calibration must complete without warnings in order to clear the FMI 13.

  1. Observe the status of the CID 3700 - FMI 13.

Expected Result:

The calibration procedure was performed successfully.CID 3700 - FMI 13 has been cleared


  • YES - The calibration procedure was performed successfully. Resume normal machine operation.STOP

  • NO - The calibration was not successful.

    Repair: Repeat the calibration procedure for the sensor. Prior to replacing an ECM, always contact your dealership's Technical Communicator for possible consultation with Caterpillar. This consultation may greatly reduce repair time. If the cause of the diagnostic code is not found, replace the ECM. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Electronic Control Module (ECM) - Replace".


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