259D Compact Track Loader – MID 039 – CID 2795 – FMI 13

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

This diagnostic code is associated with the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor. The FMI 13 means that the ECM has determined that the sensor is out of calibration.

The possible causes of this diagnostic code are listed below:

  • The ECM has been replaced.

  • New software has been installed.

  • The calibration procedure has failed.

  • The ECM has failed.

Note: Ensure that you have repaired any condition that would cause other active diagnostic codes that are related to this sensor. For example, the CID 2795 FMI 03 or FMI 04 are not active when the CID 2795 FMI 13 is active. If the other diagnostic codes are active, troubleshoot those codes first. Then perform this procedure.

Note: Ensure that the diagnostic code of CID 2795 FMI 13 is active before performing this procedure.


  1. Perform the necessary adjustment and calibration procedures. Refer to the Testing and Adjusting section of the Service Manual for these procedures. Make sure that the calibration has successfully completed without warnings.

  1. Observe the status of the CID 2795 FMI 13.

Expected Result:

The CID 2795 FMI 13 is not active.


  • OK - The CID 2795 FMI 13 is not active. The calibration corrected the condition that caused the CID 2795 FMI 13. Resume normal operation.STOP

  • NOT OK - The CID 2795 FMI 13 is still active.

    Repair: The diagnostic code is still active. Verify that the correct software has been flashed into the ECM, or that the correct ECM is installed on the machine. Then repeat the calibration. If the diagnostic code is still active and the cause of the diagnostic code is not found, replace the ECM. It is unlikely that the ECM has failed. Verify that the sensor and associated circuits are correct before you replace the ECM.


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