259D Compact Track Loader – Electronic Control Module

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Electronic Control Module (ECM)

The Machine ECM is located behind the rear liner assembly in the cab. The rear liner assembly is located behind the seat.

Two connectors join the wiring harness to the inputs and outputs of the ECM. J1 has 86 contacts and J2 uses 80 contacts. Refer to the Testing and Adjusting, "System Schematic" section of this manual for connector contact descriptions.

The ECM monitors the condition of the machine for proper system operation. Components sense the condition of the machine. Components then send electrical signals to the inputs of the ECM. The ECM compares the information from the inputs to the stored information. The ECM then decides if outputs should be activated. The activation is performed by sending electrical signals through the outputs to an electronic circuit.


The ECM inputs receive information from various operator controls, switches and sensors. The signals provide information regarding the status of the machine and what the operator wants the machine to do. The ECM can perform diagnostics on these inputs to determine if the signal is faulted.


The indicators allow the operator to know the state of certain functions of the machine ECM.

The ECM supplies a current to the appropriate outputs that energize relays and solenoids.


The ECM uses the Cat Data Link in order to communicate with Cat Electronic Technician (ET).

The CAN Data Link is an input and an output of the ECM. The data link is designed to allow for faster communications between the other electronic control modules through the machine harness.

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