259D Compact Track Loader – Electronic Control Module (ECM) – Flash Program

Perform the following procedure in order to flash the latest version of operating software into the Machine ECM.

Procedure to Flash Program the ECM

Note: Before flashing the ECM, ensure that the loader arms and tilt the linkage rests on the ground and the hydrostatic joystick in the NEUTRAL position. Also ensure that the implement lockout and parking brake switches are in the locked position.

  1. Turn key start switch to the ON position. Wait a full 2 minutes to allow the machine ECM to initialize communications.

  1. Connect the Data Link cable between Comm Adapter III and the machine service connector port. The service connector port is located behind the seat on the right side and above the fuse panel.

    Note: Currently, the 317-7485 Communication Adapter (Com Adapter 3) is the recommended device to flash ALL components on the machine.
    The 171-4400 Communication Adapter Gp (Com Adapter II) can also be used but is less efficient and slower.

  1. Connect the USB PC connector cable between Comm Adapter 3 and laptop.

  1. Start Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ® ET).

  1. Verify that the correct Cat ® ET preferences are selected for Comm Adapter 3.

    Note: To verify that Cat ® ET preferences are correct, for the Comm Adapter 3. Navigate to Utilities>Preferences>Modify. Under the "Communications" tab, select "Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3 (RP 1210)" from the drop-down box. Ensure the "Enable Dual Data Link Service" box is selected.

  1. Initialize communications (Connect) between the ECM and Cat ® ET.

  1. Run a Product Status Report (PSR).

  1. Save / copy the ECM Replacement File for the ECM.

  1. Take note of any active diagnostic codes, and clear logged diagnostic codes.

  1. Connect to WinFlash.

    (Cat ® ET contains the WinFlash program used to load software into the ECM.

  1. Ensure that the Machine ECM is selected to be flashed, and then "Load Product Flash File".

    Note: If flashing multiple ECMs, take note if a specific order is to be followed.

  1. Verify that flash file is correct for the specific ECM, and then "Begin Flash".

  1. Once "Flash Completed Successfully", return to Cat ® ET.

  1. Run and save the post-flash Product Status Report.

  1. Before powering down, perform all calibrations and configurations needed. Allow the machine to operate for at least 10 minutes to allow new parameters to be accepted.

  1. After powering down the machine, wait approximately 3 minutes before cycling the machine to the ON or "START/RUN" state. Waiting 3 minutes provides the ECM time to shut down.

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