C7 Industrial Engines Testing and Adjusting – Engine Crankcase Pressure (Blowby) – Test

Table 1
Tools Needed
Part Number Part Name Quantity
348-5430 Multi-Tool Gp 1
285-0900 Blowby Tool Group 1
NETG5049 Software License 1

Damaged pistons or rings can cause too much pressure in the crankcase. This condition will cause the engine to run rough. There will be more than a normal amount of blowby fumes rising from the crankcase breather. The breather can then become restricted in a short time, causing oil leakage at gaskets and seals that would not normally have leakage. Blowby can also be caused by worn valve guides or by a failed turbocharger seal.

Illustration 1 g02709261
348-5430 Multi-Tool Gp

The 348-5430 Multi-Tool Gp , or the 285-0900 Blowby Tool Group is used to check the amount of blowby. Refer to Tool Operating Manual, NEHS1087, ” 348-5430 Multi-Tool Gp ” for the test procedure for checking the blowby.

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