C7 Industrial Engines Disassembly and Assembly – Camshaft – Install

Installation Procedure

When installing the camshaft, make sure the number one cylinder is at top center of the compression stroke with the timing bolt installed in the flywheel. The camshaft timing is very important. The timing mark on the camshaft drive gear must line up with the timing mark on the idler gear. Refer to the Specifications Manual for more information.


  1. Carefully install camshaft (4) in the cylinder block.


  1. Ensure that the timing marks on camshaft drive gear (1) , the idler gear, and the crankshaft gear are aligned.


  1. Lower the valve lifters onto the camshaft. Remove Tooling (A) .


  1. Install thrust plate (3) and bolts (2) on camshaft drive gear (1) .


  1. Install the pushrods in the engine.

End By:

  1. Install the front cover. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, “Front Cover – Remove and Install”.
  2. Install the rocker arms and the shaft. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, “Rocker Arm and Shaft – Install”.
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