C7 Industrial Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual – Engine Operation with Intermittent Diagnostic Codes

If the diagnostic lamp starts to flash codes during normal engine operation and the diagnostic lamp shuts off, an intermittent fault may have occurred. If a fault has occurred, the fault will be logged into the memory of the Electronic Control Module (ECM).

In most cases, it is not necessary to stop the engine because of an intermittent code. However, the operator should retrieve the logged fault codes and the operator should reference the appropriate information in order to identify the nature of the event. The operator should log any observation that could have caused the lamp to light.


  • Low power
  • Limits of the engine speed
  • Excessive smoke, etc

This information can be useful to help troubleshoot the situation. The information can also be used for future reference. For more information on diagnostic codes, refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for this engine.

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