C7 Industrial Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual – Cooling System Water Temperature Regulator – Replace

Replace the water temperature regulator before the water temperature regulator fails. This is a recommended preventive maintenance practice. Replacing the water temperature regulator reduces the chances for unscheduled downtime. Refer to this Operation and Maintenance Manual, “Maintenance Interval Schedule” for the proper maintenance interval.

A water temperature regulator that fails in a partially opened position can cause overheating or overcooling of the engine.

A water temperature regulator that fails in the closed position can cause excessive overheating. Excessive overheating could result in cracking of the cylinder head or piston seizure problems.

A water temperature regulator that fails in the open position will cause the engine operating temperature to be too low during partial load operation. Low engine operating temperatures during partial loads could cause an excessive carbon buildup inside the cylinders. This excessive carbon buildup could result in an accelerated wear of the piston rings and wear of the cylinder liner.


Failure to replace your water temperature regulator on a regularly scheduled basis could cause severe engine damage.

Caterpillar engines incorporate a shunt design cooling system and require operating the engine with a water temperature regulator installed.

If the water temperature regulator is installed incorrectly, the engine may overheat, causing cylinder head damage. Ensure that the new water temperature regulator is installed in the original position. Ensure that the water temperature regulator vent hole is open.

Do not use liquid gasket material on the gasket or cylinder head surface.

Refer to two articles in the Disassembly and Assembly Manual, “Water Temperature Regulators – Remove and Water Temperature Regulators – Install” for the replacement procedure of the water temperature regulator, or consult your Caterpillar dealer.

Note: If only the water temperature regulators are replaced, drain the coolant from the cooling system to a level that is below the water temperature regulator housing.

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