C15 and C18 – Vibration Damper – Check

Illustration 1 g01184533
Typical example

Viscous vibration damper

(1) Damper

(2) Crankshaft pulley

(3) Bolts

Damage to the vibration damper or failure of the vibration damper will increase engine vibrations. This will result in damage to the crankshaft.

Replace the damper if any of the following conditions exist:


  • The damper is dented, cracked, or fluid is leaking from the damper. 
  • The paint on the damper is discolored from excessive heat. 
  • The damper is bent. 
  • The bolt holes are worn or there is a loose fit for the bolts. 
  • The engine has had a crankshaft failure due to torsional forces.
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