C15 and C18 – Exhaust Has Black Smoke

Check for the following problems if there is excessive black exhaust smoke.

Note: Refer to Troubleshooting, “Cat ET Service Features” for information about service features.

Probable Causes
Note: An engine with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that has been removed will emit black smoke.

Failed Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Recommended Actions

Illustration 1 g01451187
Obvious failure of a DPF

Table 1
Troubleshooting Test Steps Values Results
1. Failed DPF

The outlet side of the DPF is the only side that can be used to determine a failure.

A. Remove the DPF and check for signs of a failure. Refer to Illustration 1 for an example of an obvious failure. Most failures are not obvious.

Refer to Special Instruction, SEBF9223, “Diesel Particulate Filter Reuse Guidelines” for additional information.

DPF Result: There are no signs of failure.

Reinstall the DPF.

Return the unit to service.

Result: There are signs of failure.

Reinstall the failed DPF and Proceed to Test Step 2.

2. Diagnostic Codes

A. Check for any logged or active codes associated with high soot loading.

Codes Result: There are no codes present.

Proceed to Test Step 3.

Result: There are codes present.

Troubleshoot the codes before continuing with this procedure.

3. Perform the Automatic Cylinder Cutout Test using Cat ET.

A. Perform the Automatic Cylinder Cutout Test.

Cylinder cutout test Result: The test was successful.

Proceed to Test Step 4.

Result The test was not successful.

Make the necessary repairs, Proceed to Test Step 6.

4. Check for Boost Pressure Leaks

A. Check for boost pressure leaks.

Leaks Result There are leaks found.

Repair the boost pressure leaks. Proceed to Test Step 6.

Result There are no leaks found.

Proceed to Test Step 5.

5. Inspect the Turbocharger

A. Check for boost pressure leaks.

Refer to Testing and Adjusting, “Turbocharger – Inspect” for additional information.

Turbocharger Result The turbocharger is OK.

Proceed to Test Step 6.

Result The turbocharger is not OK.

Replace the turbocharger and Proceed to Test Step 6.

6. Perform the ARD Ignition Test

A. Perform an ARD ignition test using Cat ET to verify the correct operation of the Clean Emissions Module (CEM).

The ASH model must be reset if a new DPF is installed.

B. If the DPF has failed, replace the DPF. Reset the ASH model in Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET). Refer to Troubleshooting, “Electronic Technician Service Features, DPF ASH Service” for additional information.

ARD Ignition Test Result The test was successful.

Return the unit to service.

Complete the procedure in the order in which the steps are listed.

If the procedure did not correct the issue, contact your Cat dealer Technical Communicator (TC). For further assistance, your TC can confer with the Dealer Solutions Network (DSN).

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