C15 and C18 – ARD Nozzle Heater (Current) – Test

1. Verify that the engine is off.

Illustration 1 g03099577
(1) ARD combustion head

(2) ARD Nozzle Heater Wire

Illustration 2 g03099598
Measuring the current flow

(1) ARD combustion head

(2) ARD Nozzle Heater Wire

(3) Clamp-on ammeter

2. Connect the clamp on 225-8266 Ammeter Tool Gp (3) around the ARD nozzle heater wire (2) on the ARD combustion head (1) . Make sure that the jaws of the ammeter are away from the metal part of electrical connector . Refer to Systems Operation/Testing and Adjusting, “Charging System – Test” for information about the ammeter.
3. Establish communication between Caterpillar Electronic Technician and the ECM. Refer to Troubleshooting, “Electronic Service Tools” for the proper procedure.
4. Start the engine. Activate the “ARD Nozzle Heater Circuit Test” under the “Diagnostic Tests” menu in Cat ET. The circuit test will run for 3 minutes and can be stopped at any time.
5. Observe the current reading on the ammeter.
6. Disable the circuit test. Stop the engine. Remove the clamp-on ammeter.
7. Disconnect Cat ET.

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