C13, C15, and C18 Engines Troubleshooting – Factory Passwords

Note: Factory passwords are only available to service technicians from an authorized Caterpillar Dealership. Customers of Caterpillar do not have access to the Caterpillar Factory Password System (FPS).

Factory passwords are necessary to authorize access to certain screens in Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET). Factory passwords are also used to access specific configuration parameters in the Electronic Control Module (ECM). If changes are made that require factory passwords, the “Enter Factory Passwords” dialog box will automatically be displayed. A factory password must be obtained before the change can be made.

A hyperlink is available at the bottom of the dialog box that will simplify the entry of ECM information into the FPS. In order to use this hyperlink, the Personal Computer (PC) that is running Cat ET must be connected to the Internet. When the hyperlink is selected, the ECM information will automatically be transferred to the entry screen on the Caterpillar FPS.

If the PC that is running Cat ET is not connected to the Internet, you may save the ECM information to a file. This file can be opened when the PC is connected to the Internet and a hyperlink will be displayed. When you select the hyperlink, the ECM information will automatically be transferred to the entry screen that is on the Caterpillar FPS.

Factory passwords may be required to perform each of the following functions in Cat ET:

ECM Replacement – When an ECM is replaced, the system configuration parameters must be programmed into the new ECM. The new ECM will allow specific parameters to be programmed once without the use of factory passwords. There may be parameters that require factory passwords on the ECM that is being replaced. Factory passwords may be required in order to configure these parameters on the new ECM.

Rerate Engine Power – Changing the interlock code may be necessary. The interlock code is protected by factory passwords.

Software Enabled Attachments – Your application may have special features that can be enabled with Cat ET. This customized software is available to provide enhanced operation for your application. These features may also require the installation of additional hardware on the application. A cost may be associated with these software enabled attachments. Factory passwords are necessary to enable this software.

Customer passwords – Factory passwords are required in order to restore customer passwords and factory passwords are required in order to reset customer passwords.

Set Configuration parameters – Factory passwords are required in order to modify specific configuration parameters. Refer to Troubleshooting, “Configuration Parameters” for details that are related to the parameters for your application.

If factory passwords are needed in order to change a parameter, Cat ET will prompt you for the password when the change is attempted. Newer versions of Cat ET display an icon of a padlock that is used to indicate that a parameter requires a factory password for modification.

Clear engine events and certain diagnostic codes – Some engine events require factory passwords in order to clear the code from ECM memory. For example, factory passwords must be obtained in order to clear a code that is related to an engine overspeed condition. Clear these codes only when you are certain that the problem has been corrected.

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