C13, C15, and C18 Engines Troubleshooting – Engine Shutdown While Idling

Use this procedure if one of the following event codes is active. Refer to Troubleshooting, “Event Codes” for information about event codes.

Note: Some of the following codes may not be applicable for certain applications.

Table 1
Diagnostic Trouble Codes
CDL Code J1939 Code Description Comments
E1171 (1) 593-1 Engine Idle Shutdown Occurred The engine has been idling for an extended amount of time.
This notification is for the operator. This notification is not a suspected engine problem.
The code is logged.
E1172 (2) 593-2 Engine Idle Shutdown Pending The engine is preparing to shut down because of an extended “non-working” idle time.
The code is logged.
E1172 (3) 593-3 Engine Idle Shutdown Pending The engine is shutting down.
An alarm is activated.
The code is logged.

Probable Causes


  • Extended idle time 

Recommended Actions

Table 2
Troubleshooting Test Steps Values Results
1. Engine At Idle Speed

A. This condition is normal operation. The engine has been idling for an extended amount of time and the Electronic Control Module (ECM) will shut down the engine.

B. The “Engine Idle Shutdown Enable Status” parameter in Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) can be disabled. The amount of time before engine shutdown can then be configured.

Normal operation Result: This condition is normal operation.

Return the unit to service.

Complete the procedure in the order in which the steps are listed.

If the procedure did not correct the issue, contact your Cat dealer Technical Communicator (TC). For further assistance, your TC can confer with the Dealer Solutions Network (DSN).


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