C13, C15, and C18 Engines – Electrical Connectors

Connectors for the Electronic Control Module (ECM)

Illustration 1 g02153917
Locations of the components at the ECM

(1) P2 ECM connector (ECM side)

(2) P1 ECM connector (ECM side)

(3) P2 ECM connector (harness side)

(4) P1 ECM connector (harness side)

(5) ECM

Injector Connectors

Connectors at the Valve Cover

Connector at the Injector

Illustration 4 g01717773
Typical injector

Sensor Connectors

Analog Sensor Connector (active)

Illustration 5 g01240891

Analog Sensor Connector (passive)

Illustration 6 g01241538

Connectors for the Termination Resistor

llustration 7 g01355248

Engine Speed/Timing Connector

llustration 8 g01155187

Ampseal Connector (typical)

Illustration 9 g02219254
Refer to Special Instruction, REHS2556, “AMPSEAL 16 Connector System” for additional information

Deutsche Connectors (typical)

llustration 10 g02220494
Refer to Tool Operating Manual, SEHS9615, “Servicing Deutsch HD and DT Style Connectors” for additional information

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