C13, C15, and C18 Engines Cat ET Service Features – System Troubleshooting Settings


The “System Troubleshooting Settings” screen will allow overrides to be enabled. The overrides will remain active even if the screen is exited.

Cat ET Location


  1. Connect to Cat ET.


  1. Select the Diagnostics tab.


  1. Select the Diagnostic Tests tab.


  1. Select “System Troubleshooting Settings”.

  1. Select the appropriate tab.

Test Operation

Aftertreatment #1 Ignition Transformer Primary Override

This override will energize the CRS spark system to on or off. This override will be used when troubleshooting the ARD ignition system.

Aftertreatment Override

This override will allow the user to perform a regeneration that is similar to the operator using the force switch.

Note: This override does not have any enhanced diagnostic ability. All regeneration system troubleshooting should utilize the service tests and not this override.

Injector Disable Override

This override will allow the user to disable the injectors from activating when performing certain troubleshooting procedures.

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