C13, C15, and C18 Engines Cat ET Service Features – Override Parameters


The override parameters screen has multiple overrides. The parameters control various functions on the engine and CEM. These functions and features allow the technician to troubleshoot different engine systems.

Cat ET Location


  1. Connect to Cat ET.


  1. Select engine Engine Control Module (ECM)


  1. Select the Diagnostics tab.


  1. Select the Diagnostic Tests tab.

  1. Select the Override Parameter tab.

Test Operation

Engine Exhaust Manifold Bank #1 Flow Balance Valve Solenoid Override
This override will energize the exhaust balance valve solenoid to on or off. This override will be used when troubleshooting the exhaust balance valve.

Aftertreatment #1 Fuel Injector Heater Override
This override activates the output for the heated nozzle in order to clean the nozzle. The output remains activated for approximately one hour. The engine coolant temperature must be greater than 60° C (140° F). The heat cycle will wait for an active regeneration to complete before starting. Once the override has been activated the heat cycle will automatically start as soon as conditions have been met and cannot be deactivated. It could take up to 8 minutes for conditions to be met for the heat cycle to turn on after being activated by the override. The heat cycle stops if the engine is stopped. The heat cycle continues when the engine is started. Active regenerations will not occur until the heat cycle is complete. This override will be used if a system malfunction was not allowing current to flow to ARD nozzle heater. Lack of current flow could be caused by a blown fuse, broken heater wire, and other damaged components.

Engine Fan Bypass

Ether injection Override
This override is used to activate the ether injection solenoid circuit to ensure that it is working properly. The ether canister must be removed during testing of the ether solenoid circuit.

Aftertreatment Fuel Pump Relay Override
This override will allow the CRS pump to provide fuel to the CEM. This override will be used when pressure testing the CRS pump.

ARD Fuel Flow Diverter Actuator Override
This override is used to cycle the position of the diverter valve on the CRS pump. The diverter valve changes the path of the fuel between the engine and the CEM.

DPF Differential Pressure Line Override
This override when Activated, will ignore any fault code from the DPF Delta P sensor. This override will be used when using the DPF crack detection procedure.

ARD Air Pressure Control Position Override
The ECM sends a command to the ARD air valve to open to a specified percentage. The override is used to check the operation of the valve while disassembled.

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