C-15 and C-16 Industrial Engines – Water Pump – Test

Table 1
Tools Needed    
Part Number     Part Name     Quantity    
6V-7775     Air Pressure Gauge     1    

Illustration 1 g00300304

Typical example

(1) Water outlet

(2) Port

(3) Temperature regulator housing

(4) Water manifold assembly

(5) Coolant temperature sensor

(6) Port

(7) Water pump

Making contact with a running engine can cause burns from hot parts and can cause injury from rotating parts.

When working on an engine that is running, avoid contact with hot parts and rotating parts.

Perform the following procedure in order to determine if the water pump is operating correctly:

  1. Remove the plug from port (2).
  1. Install the 6V-7775 Air Pressure Gauge in port (2) .
  1. Start the engine. Run the engine until the coolant is at operating temperature.
  1. Note the water pump pressure. The water pump pressure should be 100 to 125 kPa (15 to 18 psi).