Bendix Air Compressor

The function of the air compressor is to provide and maintain air under pressure to operate devices in the air brake and/or auxiliary air systems.

The BX-2150 is a single cylinder, single stage reciprocating compressor with a rated displacement of 9.5 cubic feet per minute at 1250 rpm. The BX-2150 is constructed from two major assemblies, the cylinder head and the crankcase. The cylinder head is an iron casting containing the inlet, discharge and unloader valving. It is installed on the crankcase and is secured using four cap screws symmetrically placed. The cylinder head can be, therefore installed in any one of four different positions which are 90° apart.

Fig. 1 Cylinder Head

Two governor mounting surfaces, adjacent to the single rectangular inlet cavity, provide a convenient means of mounting the governor to the cylinder head. One eighth inch pipe threads in each of the two governor mounting pads allow plugging of the unused port or the installation of a tubing fitting for remote governor mounting. Three 1/2 inch N.P.T. ports provide the means for the connection of coolant lines and are labeled WATER. Two 1/2 inch N.P.T. discharge ports are located on the top and side of the cylinder head and are labeled AIR OUT.

The various mounting and drive configurations required by the numerous vehicle engine designs are accommodated by different crankcase castings and crankshafts.

Two methods for cooling the BX-2150 are employed. The cylinder head is water cooled using the engine’s cooling system, while external fins on the crankcase provide a means for efficient air cooling in that area.

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