3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Valve Seat Inserts

Remove & Install Valve Seat Inserts

Start By:

a. remove cylinder head

b. remove valves

Typical Example

1. Use Tooling (A) to remove the valve seat inserts from the cylinder head.

2. Clean and remove any burrs from the valve seat bores.

NOTE: For reconditioning information of the cylinder head, see the topic “Cylinder Heads-Critical Factors For Reconditioning” in Special Instructions, SEHS9564.

NOTE: The following steps are for the installation of the valves seat inserts.

Typical Example

3. Lower the temperature of the new valve seat inserts to -40°C (-40°F). Use Tooling (B), and install new valve seat inserts (1) into the cylinder head. See Specifications Module, for additional information.

End By:

a. install valves

b. install cylinder head