3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Valve Cover Base

Remove & Install Valve Cover Base

Start By:

a. remove valve covers

1. Loosen the two nuts and remove connector (2) from electronic unit injector (1).

2. Remove connector (3) from valve cover base (4).

3. Remove bolts (5) from the valve cover base. For purposes of assembly, the torque for bolts (5) is 18 ± 3 N·m (13 ± 2 lb ft). Remove the valve cover base (4).

4. Remove seal (6) from valve cover base (4). Use a new part for replacement.


For further information concerning the installation and tightening sequence for the valve cover base, refer to the Specifications Module.

5. Install valve cover base (4) in the reverse order of removal.

End By:

a. install valve covers