3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Turbocharger

Remove & Install Turbocharger

Fluid Spillage Containment

Care must be taken to ensure that fluids are contained during performance of inspection, maintenance, testing, adjusting and repair of the machine. Be prepared to collect the fluid with suitable containers before opening any compartment or disassembling any component containing fluids. Refer to “Tools And Shop Products Guide”, NENG2500 for tools and supplies suitable to collect and contain fluids in Caterpillar machines. Dispose of fluids according to local regulations and mandates.

1. Remove tube assemblies (1) and (2) from turbocharger (3). Check the condition of the O-ring seals on tube assemblies (1) and (1). Use new parts for replacement if the O-ring seals are worn or damaged.

2. Attach a strap and hoist to turbocharger (3).

3. Remove four bolts (4) and turbocharger (3). Turbocharger (3) weighs 34kg (75 lb).

NOTE: The following steps are for the installation of the turbocharger.

4. Put turbocharger (3) in position on the exhaust manifold. Put 5P-3931 Anti-Seize Compound on bolts (4). Install bolts (4). Tighten bolts (4) to a torque of 55 ± 5 N·m (40 ± 4 lb ft).

5. Install tube assemblies (1) and (2).

Disassemble & Assemble Turbocharger

Start By:

a. remove turbocharger

1. Position the turbocharger assembly on a bench. Remove support clamp and hose (5) from wastegate assembly (6).

2. Remove nuts (7) from waste gate assembly (6). Remove waste gate assembly (6) from the turbocharger.

3. Loosen the nuts on clamps (2).

4. Separate compressor housing (1) and turbine housing (3) from turbocharger cartridge (4).


Do not attempt to disassemble the turbocharger cartridge or the wastegate. Do not remove the compressor wheel. The turbocharger cartridge and the wastegate are not “field serviceable”, and should be replaced only as a unit.

5. Check the condition of all components. Use new parts to replace any worn or damaged components.

6. Assemble the turbocharger assembly in the reverse order of removal.

7. Tighten the nuts on clamps (2) to a torque of 18 ± 3 N·m (13 ± 2 lb ft). Use a soft hammer to lightly hit around the diameters of clamps (2).

8. Again, tighten the nuts on clamps (2) to a torque of 18 ± 3 N·m (13 ± 2 lb ft).

End By:

a. install turbocharger