3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Spacer Plate

Remove & Install Spacer Plate

Start By:

a. remove cylinder head assembly

1. Remove gasket (2) from spacer plate (1).

2. Remove O-ring seal (3) and water seals (4) from spacer plate (1).

3. Remove spacer plate (1).

4. Remove spacer plate gasket (5) from the cylinder block.

5. Remove O-ring seal (6).

NOTE: The following steps are installing the spacer plate.


Make sure the spacer plate and the machined surface of the cylinder block are clean and free of dirt and foreign material. Both surfaces of the spacer plate gasket and the top of the cylinder block must be clean. Do not use a gasket adhesive on these surfaces.

6. Install new spacer plate gasket (6) over the dowels in the cylinder block.

7. Install O-ring seal (7).

8. Install spacer plate (1), O-ring seal (3) and seals (4).

9. Check the cylinder liner projection. For additional information, see the System Operation Testing & Adjusting Module or see Special Instructions, SEHS9564, for this information.

10. Install new cylinder head gasket (2) on the spacer plate.

End By:

a. install cylinder head assembly