3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Fan Drive

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Table 1
Specification for 228-8533 Fan Drive Gp 228-8534 Fan Drive Gp 228-8535 Fan Drive Gp, 120-4231 Fan Drive Gp, 120-4233 Fan Drive Gp, 271-2214 Fan Drive Gp, 271-2215 Fan Drive Gp, and 291-5522 Fan Drive Gp    
Item     Qty     Part     Specification Description    
1     1     6N-6490 Fan Bracket As     Before assembly of the hub to the crankshaft, install the fan bracket assembly in the desired position to obtain the center distance between the fan and the crankshaft.    
2     1     5S-2106 Lip Type Seal     Lubricate the sealing lip with the lubricant that is being sealed.    
3     1     2D-4867 Grease Fitting     Use grease fitting to fill the cavity with lubricant.