3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Cylinder Liners

Remove & Install Cylinder Liners

Start By:

a. remove pistons and connecting rod assemblies

1. Put covers on the journals of the crankshaft for protection from dirt or water.

2. Remove the cylinder liners with Tool (A) as shown.

NOTE: The Caterpillar pack pulling tools can be used to remove the cylinder liner, piston and connecting rod as a unit. For more detail, see Special Instruction, SEHS8554.

3. To install, clean the cylinder liners and liner bores in the cylinder block.

4. Install cylinder liners (1) in the block without the O-ring seals or filler band.

5. To check the cylinder liner projection, see the Systems Operation/Testing & Adjusting Module, or Special Instructions, SEHS9564.

6. Remove the liner. Install new O-ring seals on the liners.

7. Put clean engine oil the new O-ring seals and on the cylinder bores. Put the filler band in clean engine oil; then immediately install the filler band on the cylinder liner. Immediately, install the cylinder liner in the cylinder block with Tooling (B) before expansion of the band.

End By:

a. install pistons and connecting rod assemblies