3176C, 3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines Troubleshooting – Engine Monitoring System

The Electronic Control Module (ECM) monitors the operating parameters of the engine. The ECM will generate an event code if a specific engine parameter exceeds an acceptable range that is defined by the engine monitoring system. For information on event codes, refer to Troubleshooting, “Event Codes” for a list of the applicable event codes for this application.

Four customer programmable levels may be available for monitoring certain engine parameters. The availability of the customer programmable levels will depend on the application software. The following levels may be available:


  • Off 
  • Warning (default setting) 
  • Derate 
  • Shutdown 

The ECM may allow certain event codes to be programmed to the different levels. Refer to Table 1.

Table 1
94-1 Low Fuel Pressure Warning
100-1 Low Oil Pressure Warning
100-11 Very Low Oil Pressure
105-0 High Inlet Air Manifold Temperature Warning
105-11 Very High Inlet Air Manifold Temperature
110-0 High Coolant Temperature Warning
110-11 Very High Coolant Temperature
111-1 Low Coolant Level Warning
111-11 Very Low Coolant Level

Three possible responses may be available for certain parameters. Some of the responses are not available for some of the parameters. Refer to Table 2.

Table 2
Indicators (1), (2), and (3)
Warning Category Indicator Severity
(1) “Least Severe”
(2) “Moderate Severity”
(3) “Most Severe”

Use Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) to perform the following activities for the monitoring system:


  • View the parameter. 
  • Parameter programming 
  • Response configuration 
  • Set delay times 

The default settings for the parameters are programmed at the factory. To accommodate unique applications and sites, some of the parameters may be reprogrammed with Cat ET. The screens of Cat ET provide guidance for the changing of trip points.

Note: Some parameters require no password in order to be changed. Other parameters can be changed with customer passwords. Some of the parameters are protected by factory passwords. There are some parameters that cannot be changed.

Viewing or Changing the Settings of the Monitoring System

Use the following procedure in order to view the parameter settings and/or change the parameter settings:


  1. Select the “Service/Monitoring System” screen on Cat ET.


  1. Highlight the desired parameter. Then click on the “Change” button in the lower left corner of the screen.The “Change Monitor System” screen will appear.


  1. Change the “State” of the parameter.


  1. Set the “Trip Point” and the “Delay Time” according to the “Allowed Values” that are displayed in the lower half of the screen.


  1. Click the “OK” button.If a password is required, the “Enter Passwords” screen will appear. Enter the correct passwords and then click the “OK” button.

    Note: If a factory password is required, the “Enter Factory Passwords” screen will appear. Refer to Troubleshooting, “Factory Passwords” for information that is related to obtaining factory passwords.

    The new settings will be effective immediately.

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