26SI Series Alternator – Web Browser Problems


Q: Why does the browser not show the changes made on the pages that were just uploaded to the web server?

A: The issue may be that the browser still has old data cached within the memory set aside for this purpose. Select the web page within the web browser by clicking within the page but not on a link. Click the “Refresh” button on the tool bar of the browser or use the “Refresh” function for the browser. If this process does not work, browse off of the page and clear the cache of the browser according to the instructions of the browser. Then try to browse the page again.

Q: Why does the message “Parameter Unavailable” appear for a parameter that is on the custom page?

A: If the custom page displays the message “Parameter Unavailable” in the value part of the table, then the parameter either does not exist in the PCL file on the PL1000E web server or there is an error in the coding of the XML file.

To directly test whether the parameter exists within the PCL file:

  1. Enter the URL “http://xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa/ssi/get parm/<ECM ID>, <UID>” in the address field of the browser.

    Note: “xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa” is the address of the ECM. “ECM ID” is the numerical ID given to the ECM being monitored. UID is the UID number in decimal format.

  1. Press “Enter”.

If the browser displays good values or error messages other than “Parameter Unavailable”, the parameter exists in the PCL file. The error is potentially in the XML coding in the XML file.

If the browser displays the error message “Parameter Unavailable”, the parameter does not exist in the PCL file. In order to view this parameter in a custom page, edit the PCL file using the Parameter Translation Editor. Republish the PCL file to the web server.

Note: After a PCL file has been published, the power to the PL1000E ECM must be turned off and then turned back on in order to activate the new configurations.

Q: Why are all of the parameters showing up as “Parameter Unavailable”?

A: The PCL file that is associated with the XML file must have at least one parameter configured to be a web translation in the Parameter Translation Editor. If all of the parameters on the page show “Parameter Unavailable”, perform the following:

  1. Open the PCL file in the Parameter Translation Editor.
  1. Click “Status”.
  1. Click “ECM Mapping”.

    Note: Two tables will be displayed. Look at the bottom table which contains a summary of translations in the PCL file. At least one of the translations must be a CDL to Web translation. If not, create a CDL to web translation for each desired parameter.

  1. Save the PCL file.
  1. Republish the PCL file.
  1. Cycle the power to the ECM.
  1. Browse to the custom page in order to confirm that the changes are updated.