26SI Series Alternator – General Information

Refer to the appropriate system or engine harness schematics if a troubleshooting procedure instructs to “ANALYZE AND REPAIR THE HARNESSING”.

Continuity checks and resistance checks should be performed at the connector locations in order to locate a failure in the harness. At a component connector, always check the ground circuit. Less than five ohms of resistance is required from the ground contacts to frame ground. A problem can be incorrectly diagnosed if resistance is greater than 5 ohms in the ground circuit.

During a troubleshooting procedure, all component and harness connections must be inspected before a component is replaced. If the connections are not clean and tight, the connection can cause an electrical problem.

The problem can be permanent or intermittent. Ensure that the wires are pushed into the connectors completely. Make sure that the connections are tight before other tests are performed. A connection failure of one electrical component can cause the failure of another electrical component. Always attempt to locate any connection failures. Any connection failures must be repaired before a component is replaced.