26SI Series Alternator – Electronic Control Module (ECM) – Flash Program

The PL1000T is “flashed” in order to upgrade the software. Flash programming of the PL1000T must also be done if the ECM has been replaced. Cat ET contains the program WinFlash. WinFlash is used in order to load software into an ECM. Perform the following procedure in order to flash program the PL1000T:

Note: Three communications adapters are available to flash electronic control modules:

  • 7X-1700 Communication Adapter Group

  • 171-4400 Communication Adapter II Group

  • 317-7484 Communication Adapter III Group

  1. Connect the appropriate data link cable between the communication adapter and the personal computer (PC) that contains Cat ET software.
  1. Connect the data link cable between the communication adapter and the diagnostic connector of the engine.
  1. Use WinFlash in order to load the software.
  1. Early versions of the 256-7511 PL1000T Communications ECM default the ECA to RS-232 serial port 1 when the ECM is “blank”. If connecting to a “blank” ECM, and Cat ET cannot detect the ECA, connect the PC to serial port 1 of the PL1000T. Attempt the connection once again. Once flashed, the PL1000T will return the ECA connection to RS-232 serial port 3.