26SI Series Alternator – Data Link Address of Caterpillar Electronic Control

The data link address for each Caterpillar engine can be found in the engine documentation that is provided with each engine. The data link address can also be found by connecting to the engine with Cat ET. Press “Ctrl+I”.

Note: Pressing “Ctrl+I” is only functional for devices on the CDL network.

After the Cat ET screen appears, scroll to the bottom of the screen. Select “Real ID Device”. The first two values of this field is the address that needs to be entered. The number will need to be converted into a decimal number for entry into the PCL Editor. The following is an example of how to convert a number to a decimal number for entry into the PCL Editor:

  1. Start Cat ET.
  1. Connect to the engine.
  1. Select the ECM.
  1. At the “Summary” screen, select “Ctrl+I”.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the window.
  1. The first two values that are shown in the field for the “Real Device ID” values, is the ECM address. In Illustration 1, the Real Device ID is 24000000e001 so 24 is the address of the ECM.

Illustration 1 g01709835